AITA posts and why I can’t stop reading…

As I’m sure you are all aware, there are so many different types of posts and things to get sucked into on social media.

I recently have been addicted to the AITA posts.

O!M!G! I can’t stop reading them. I get sucked in almost instantly. I have no idea why. Every night for the last couple of weeks, I tell myself I won’t click on even one, but I do anyway! What is wrong with me?

If you aren’t familiar, though I don’t know how you could have missed them if you’re on social media… never mind. It’s probably better if you’ve somehow missed them.

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar, an AITA post is a post where someone is asking, “Am I the Asshole?” and then they proceed to write about some horrible and awkward situation from their life that they are trying to decide if they navigated it in a reasonable way.

Normally, these posts are often tied to family events like weddings or birthday parties, but sometimes they’re just run of the mill things we do throughout our day that somehow escalate into crazy town.

After having read way, way too many of these posts, I’ve come to the conclusion that every body is crazy. Seriously. Everyone needs to cut every other person on the planet some slack.

So the question is why do I get so sucked into someone else’s family drama or run in with a crazy lady at a store?

Short answer, it’s like a car accident. You can’t look away!!! I can’t stop reading. I have to know how it ended. I also love to see everyone’s take on it. Sometimes when I’m like, this person is clearly the a-hole, the rest of the internet is like, NTA (not the asshole).

I often don’t understand normal social behavior, and maybe that’s why I find these posts so fascinating.

But let’s be honest, I just love the drama of it all. Also, I cannot believe some of the crazy requests that brides make. Some of those posts have to be fake, right?

If you haven’t stumbled upon these yet, you’re better off staying away because once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Human curiosity gets the better of most of us though.

Whatever it is you’re enjoying, happy reading and writing today and every day!

This cat is how I hide in shame that I enjoy these so much. 🙂
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April 2023 Prompt

This month has been a crazy ride for me.

In super exciting news, we bought a house! So excited to be moving and living in something that’s ours and not renting again.

In not so super news, I’ve been sick for basically the entire month. At first I had flu like symptoms that lasted like five days, but since that stopped, I’ve had a cough that will not go away. Plus, every third day or so, I feel absolutely exhausted and run a fever.

The cough is driving me crazy. I feel like I shouldn’t leave the house because I don’t want to spread anything plus I feel like every one gives me a dirty look when I cough in public.

All of this adds up to me being behind on everything. I’m behind on my blog, my drafting, my chores, reading, and any other personal project I’m currently working on.

If you came here for a short story prompt, here it is:

“A group of young men strolled down the street as if they were training to be secret agents. It was the kind of town most young people dreamed of escaping, where everyone had their own private fantasy. Some might have ideas about…”

Complete the Story

Whatever is going on for you, I hope you are healthy! And whatever your goals, I wish you good luck and hope you are making progress.

Happy reading and writing today and every day!