2015 Stories

This was the first year that I attempted to write a short story every month. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed with my yearly goal. At the time I was a full-time student in a veterinary nursing program. I wrote a few that year and didn’t follow any particular guidelines. Here they are:

Photo in the Hall

“Please tell me that is a disguise,” I said to my twin, Everett, as he walked into our office. He had the most ridiculous mustache I’ve ever seen. Which answered my question about what he did while I was on a three-month tour of South America. After our last case, I took a vacation. It… Continue reading Photo in the Hall

Sir Gawain and the Priest

Sir Gawain,                                                                 You do not know me, but I am writing to request a favor. You do not know me so I cannot hope that you will grant a request of a total stranger, but I require your aid. It is a matter of life and death. Before I ask my favor, I would… Continue reading Sir Gawain and the Priest


This story was inspired by a painting created by Biz Boston, my sister. It hangs in my home office. I see it every day, and I often make up stories for how this gorilla ended up with a flower sitting on a bench. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ When I arrived at the zoo, the zookeeper thought the delivery… Continue reading G.U.S.