2022 stories

Other than starting the month with a prompt and trying to write the story and post it by the end of the month, I am not using any other guidelines to create these stories. Enjoy!

Who’s That?

January 2022’s short story of the month “When Bobby tells a joke, you’re always wondering if he’s going to take it just a little bit too far. He’s got this image of himself as outrageous and controversial, when in reality he…,” Shelley stopped talking mid-sentence. Mary was staring at the boy who just walked into… Continue reading Who’s That?

Magic Misunderstanding

February 2022’s short story of the month All right, maybe it wasn’t the best way to start off a conversation. In my own way, I was trying to take her side. It’s not easy to take her side, and very few people do. She has two, maybe three real friends in the world. There’s me,… Continue reading Magic Misunderstanding

Mary, Chaos Incarnate

(March 2022 short story) SUPER DUPER LATE You know when even the things you dislike about a person make you love her even more? Well, that was Mary. On the one hand, she could talk endlessly about obscure texts. You couldn’t help but be drawn in. Her passion for obscurity was like a magnet bringing… Continue reading Mary, Chaos Incarnate