Stories and Chapters

Here you can read some of my works in progress. Please keep in mind that these are rough, rough drafts. I welcome feedback and comments as these are still unfinished.

A Mage Like Any Other … My Feb. 2018 story. I plan on revisiting this one. It doesn’t seem finished to me.

We Found Oil … My Jan. 2018 story of the month.

Terminal … A second story from June 2015 that I used for a writing contest.

A Brief History of Psittacines … My June 2015 story.

Return to the Island … My May 2015 story.

The Bloodstone … My April 2015 story

G.U. S. … My March 2015 story

Sir Gawain and the Priest… My February 2015 story.

Photo in the Hall … This is my January 2015 story.

Bill’s Sporting Goods Bonanza …. From my undergraduate creative writing courses

The Many Lives of Oink the Pig… A story I wrote for my daughter.

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