Short Stories

Here you can read some of my shorter works. I’m working on collecting all the short stories of the month onto this page, so bear with me. In addition, I’ve included some things I wrote back in my pre-blogger days. Please keep in mind that these are rough drafts. I welcome feedback and comments as these are still unpolished.

Before the Blog … These are from before I kept a blog and definitely before the short story of the month.

2021 short stories of the month

A Mage Like Any Other … My Feb. 2018 story. I plan on revisiting this one. It doesn’t seem finished to me.

We Found Oil … My Jan. 2018 story of the month.

Terminal … A second story from June 2015 that I used for a writing contest.

A Brief History of Psittacines … My June 2015 story.

Return to the Island … My May 2015 story.

The Bloodstone … My April 2015 story

G.U. S. … My March 2015 story

Sir Gawain and the Priest… My February 2015 story.

Photo in the Hall … This is my January 2015 story.

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