Lifetime Goals

I am starting this to help me achieve and remain motivated to finish one of my lifetime goals — to write a novel. I have actually started writing a novel and a novella, both of which remain unfinished. I am one of those people who every year on New Year’s Day I sit down and write up some goals I would like to accomplish for the next 12 months. This year in addition to my yearly goal of losing weight and paying off debt, I added the goal of finishing my novel.

This may not be a shock to many of you, but it is already May. I admit I have yet to write one word on my novel this year, and I still intend to finish it. I am going to share with anyone who is willing to read my blog and various ramblings all about my struggle to write my first novel and hopefully finish by December 31, 2013. (I say my first because I would like something to come of all this and hopefully there would be a second novel, even if only my mother reads both of them.)

In addition to working on my personal creative writing goals, I would like to share about the things I’m reading. A couple of years ago I decided to add to my “To Read List” every novel that has won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and every novel that has won the Man Booker Prize. I find it fascinating what novels win these very prestigious prizes. I will be posting my thoughts on the ones I have read so far. I don’t strictly read the novels on those lists, and in fact, I try to read a little of every genre of fiction, with the exception being romance novels. So feel free to read my book reviews, but be warned, I will probably give away plot spoilers. I would also like to share my various thoughts as a mom and someone who over thinks just about everything.

6 thoughts on “Lifetime Goals”

  1. I would love to read your personal struggles toward writing a novel, especially your first novel. I wish you lots of luck in this endeavor. It’s time consuming and painstaking, but so worth everything you pour into it.

    1. Thank you! I have been reading some of your blog and it’s very interesting to learn about what happens once you have a draft. I look forward to more of your posts.

  2. As you’ve read part of it, you know I’m trying to write my own novella. I haven’t touched it yet this year, either, though everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) keeps telling me to finish it. I hope you meet your goal by the end of this year. And your mom won’t be the only one to read anything you write. I will, Michael will, and I’m sure the rest of your family will. Not to mention thousands of others. Be optimistic! 🙂

  3. Way to go Amanda! I also want to start writing again this year, but I want to put together usable and affordable curriculum for Sunday Schools, especially High School students. One of my goals this year is to start a personal/photography blog, and since my website is now up and running that will be my next step. Good luck! (I don’t want to read it until it is finished.)

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