The Absent Muse

museMy story is making slow progress lately, mostly because I’m guilty. So guilty! I keep telling myself that I will sit down and write when I feel like it or when the mood strikes me. Well, guess what!? There is no waiting muse and no mood that miraculously leads to being more creative, productive, or a better writer.

I want to finish this novel by December 31, 2013, and it is going to take making myself work on it when I don’t really feel like it and when I don’t feel particularly inspired.Greek_Gods__Muses_by_marcoso86

I keep talking about setting myself a weekly goal of some sort and I have yet to do so, so I think my goal needs to start small and then I can change it every week as needed.

Today being Thursday, my goal for this week, to be accomplished no later than midnight on Wednesday, is to add 3000 words to my novel. (Like I said, I am starting small.)

My current word count is 16,978

All right, that being said, I have made some progress this last week.

I even changed another name. I seem to be doing that a lot for this story. I love a couple of the names I’ve chosen but don’t feel that way about all of them. I am not letting it distract me though, and when I come across a name I like better, I change it to see if it sticks. My main characters have been the same for a while now, so I feel pretty solid about those, but we’ll see…


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