Editing aka BEAST MODE

For my mid-month check in for April, I want to discuss editing, or what I like to call BEAST MODE.

For me, editing is best done by being angry, mean, and pulling things apart (hence the beast mode). I am not talking about editing the small stuff like grammar.

How do you edit your longer works? I am working on a novel and it is currently an unfinished draft of 26,000 words. I haven’t worked on it in a long time, so at this point in the process I really to reassess if I even want to finish it. But assuming I do…. I need to probably think about reworking some of the parts.

Evaluating your own work can be difficult for some people. However, there is something even scarier than that; what about if someone else reads it and comments on it?

At what point in the process do you like to let others in for advice or to help edit? Or do you like to wait until the end?

However you go about your process, happy reading and writing this month!


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