The Heat is Getting to Me

So this month writing has been a struggle. Mostly because everything else is too distracting. It’s nice outside and school is out. Plus, my husband is leaving soon and will be gone for quite a while, so we have been doing family events as much as possible. That being said, the other problem for me this month has been my inability to really get into the prompt. I just can’t think of a story. Here was this month’s prompt:

“The wind whispered through the dark, empty trees like a warning in a foreign language. Winter was coming, and with winter…”

I think the heat is getting to me because I just can’t seem to develop a story about winter. Seriously, it’s been over 90 here every day for several weeks and with humidity it feels like it’s over 100. Even inside with the AC on, I don’t even want to think about winter or being cold.

Not only that, but this prompt makes me think of Game of Thrones too much. That being said, tomorrow there will be a story of the month posted, but I make no promises about quality this month. It may be a rather short story (even more than usual).

Happy reading and writing this month!


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