Wild and Carefree Writing!



My writing this month has been more of an uphill climb than a graceful ice dance. I feel like I am forcing myself to be creative. And most of my problem is stemming from a voice in my head that keeps telling me I can’t write something. As in, “you can’t have a character do that!” or “you can’t write that because someone else already did.”

And then I remember, yes, I can. I can literally write whatever I want. That’s the beauty of writing.

So I want to use this post  to talk about how I wish I could get back to that time in my life when I wasn’t stifled by my own “grown up-ness.”

We all need to try to turn off those voices. Instead, let’s embrace the mindset of a child.

Write whatever. 

If you want to write about a fireman who flies on a purple hippo that puts out fires with cheese, write it.

If you want to write your story about villains or aliens or naked cats, write it.

I plan to fully embrace the child like lack of caring that lets creativity just run wild.

Here’s to a wild and carefree month reading and writing!

My short story will be posted in a couple of days, and I can’t promise there won’t be any hippos at this point.

3 thoughts on “Wild and Carefree Writing!”

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    This is true for every art form in the world. We let go of creativity to become well-groomed, follow-the-rules adults. That stinks when you’re trying to create. Read this article.

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