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My Freewrite Experience

This month I purchased a Freewrite typewriter. And I am in love!!!!

If you don’t know… here are some things you may be wondering.

  • What is it?
    • It is a typewriter that has a black and white screen much like the original kindle screens. It connects to wi-fi to send the documents to your email or a cloud service.
  • Why would you need this if you have a computer?
    • I get distracted on my computer. My computer has the internet, and my email pop up automatically every time I get a new one. My computer has games, and facebook, and my checkbook, and …. you get the idea. The Freewrite is distraction free from the rabbit holes that exist on my computer.
    • It also does a better job of separating the drafting and editing process for me. Word and many other programs have squiggles or some way of letting you know that you’ve made an error. The Freewrite doesn’t check your grammar or your spelling. For me, I get caught up editing when I should be writing, so further separating the two processes for me has been amazing.

Some other things to love about it — it’s very portable, but they do make a travel version that is even smaller. It’s lightweight.

And my favorite thing — it feels like I am typing on a typewriter. I don’t know why, but typing on something that even looks like an old-fashioned typewriter makes me feel cooler. (I love gadgets disguised as old tech). There is something beautiful about the simplicity of it.

If you aren’t sold, I can’t help you, but I LOVE IT!! It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in awhile.

Happy reading and writing this month! Short story to come in a few days courtesy of the Freewrite typewriter. 🙂

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