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April needs to be over…

I realize as I am writing this, April only has a day left. I can’t freaking wait!

April has dragged on and on for me and sadly enough, I have been horribly unproductive this month. I am ready for a new month and a new start!

Normally by now, I would post some thoughtful, albeit short, post about my writing process, and then the last day or so of the month, I would post a short story. This month, I haven’t written a single word for my novel or my short story.

Why? You may be wondering. Or, you may be thinking, “it happens.”

Yes, I understand that with writing, as with everything else in life, there are good times and bad times. Sometimes it’s like the floodgates have been opened and sometimes the well runs dry. This is not my problem this month.

April 2019 has been a horrible, anxiety ridden mess for me. Here’s why:

  • one of my parents was diagnosed with cancer.
  • there was a death in the family (not my parent)
  • my husband and I’s 16th wedding anniversary was this month. He is currently in Japan for work, and I am not.

Basically, I have been having my own personal pity party, and I just don’t feel like being productive. I realize that people have it worse off than I do, but right now, I kind of feel like life sucks.

Bottom line for this month, I have read 6 books (yeah for me!) and I have written ZERO words. I think it’s time to shift focus!

I hope everyone has had a better month than me. Happy reading and writing! (Please do some writing for me!)

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