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August 2021’s Prompt

I don’t know how or why I’m so far behind with everything right now. I haven’t been that busy, but I’ve just been spending too much time having fun instead of writing. At this point, I need to finish 3 short stories this month!

Well, let’s get this horse pointed in the right direction… here is August’s short story prompt:

When he tried to express himself with words, he could never get it right. But with his hands, he could shape things, mold things, and make things. He had discovered that gift as a young boy when he…

Complete the Story

I also need to back track and write a story for June and July.

Here is June’s prompt in case you missed it:

It was like an echo from the past, or a dream that he was only just now remembering. He recognized everything about the room, even though he was sure he’d never been there before. He knew the paintings on the walls, could name the artists who’d painted them. The only thing that puzzled him was…

Complete the Story

And here’s July’s prompt:

“Clarissa,” she said, correcting her teacher. Names were important. For years, she’d been embarrassed about her name and wished it were something ordinary. But then something happened that changed her mind. That day…

Complete the Story

I can do this! The story for June is basically done, just needs some polishing, but the other two haven’t left the station.

Anyway, I have things to do…

Happy reading and writing today and everyday!

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