I might be part hobbit

I’ve been on vacation for a month. I just arrived home a few days ago, and the jet lag is finally wearing off.

I realized when I’d been home for only a few moments, that I missed my own bed, my mugs that I make Earl Grey in every morning, my office (where I feel the most relaxed and creative), and of course, my husband. (His being mentioned last does not indicate his rank in the list of things I missed. In fact, I missed him the most! No one tolerates me as well as he does).

bilbos hobbit hole
So, I am glad to be home with all my comfort, and I don’t plan on going adventuring anytime soon.

And now that my vacation is over, I need to get back to writing on a regular basis. I took my draft and notes with me, but I confess, I made ZERO progress while I was away. I was visiting some of my favorite people in the whole world, so I don’t feel bad for not finding time to novel. However, this means that I have even more work to do because it is July now and the goal is still to finish by the end of the year.my office

All the time away from home made me realize I really, really like having my own space to be creative in. I like to sit at MY desk and use MY computer. I realize this may seem selfish or greedy, or both, but I like my office. It is my room. I can be messy, crazy, and odd in here and no one cares but me. It’s a space where there isn’t anyone to judge, and if someone comes in with that attitude, I can kick them out!

Plus, when I find myself staring at the computer screen wondering what to write next, there are loads of Legos around to entertain me.

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