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Tides of Writing

This summer my writing has taken a back seat to other activities — my trip to Japan, mostly. Even so, when I have been writing, it’s been in cycles. I haven’t been doing very well at writing a little each day. I need to get back into the habit.

This has lead me to thinking about how it’s either low tide or high tide, but I don’t seem to have a setting in between. And to be honest, for a good while now, I feel like I’m stuck at low tide.

For me, writing when the tide is in feels effortless, and it’s like the words are putting themselves on the page. However, low tide is complicated. On those days, I feel like I have to force the story to progress.

Part of the reason I’m stuck on low tide is because I am nearing the end of writing my novel. I am afraid if I actually write it, then I might have to share it. It’s terrifying.

Despite this, I am pressing on. I am sure most writers, especially new writers, feel these things too.

Happy reading and writing today and every day!

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